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AGM 2023

Minutes of the 2023 AGM

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The 74th AGM of the Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club took place in Grey SCR at 6pm on Tuesday March 9th 2023

Present: Ian Boothroyd (IB), Jill Cartledge (JC), Tony Cleaver (TC) – Chair, Chris Cowie (CC), Aidan Duffy (AD), Vinay Kopnar (VK), Nigel Metcalfe (NM), Guy Paxman (GP), Eckart Wrede (EW).
Apologies for absence:  Steven Boothroyd, Rob Briggs, Kris Cartledge, Patrick Card, Hilal Misgar, Brian Lander, John White

  1. Minutes of 2022 meeting: Accepted without issue.
  2. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.
  3. Chairman’s Report: TC commented that it has been an interesting and busy year for the club. The early nets setup, running throughout the offseason has proved to be very popular, and has been a good way of keeping the club socially connected, alongside post training trips to the pub. TC thanked AD for arranging the sessions, and CC for his leadership in running the sessions. TC extended his views that the club intends to be welcoming and friendly to all members, both new and seasoned, and he hopes this is how the club is seen and that it continues to be open and accepting of everyone.
    Brian Lander (BL) had contacted TC expressing his happy memories spent as a member of DCSCC and that he has been honoured to be the club’s president. BL wished the club every success in the future and said he would be happy to stand down as president, suggesting Peter Collins (PCo) as a good candidate. TC thanked BL and contacted PCo regarding the presidency of the club. PCo said he was happy to take on the role of club president. The Members present approved the election of PCo as president.
    TC commented that he was very pleased with the turnout to the annual dinner (the first since COVID) and commended the effort of the club. NM noted the large turnout of old members and suggested that a list of old members should be created to be able to contact those that may not be on the mailing list. A message should be circulated through existing contacts enquiring of contact details for old members.
    TC commented on expanding the social activities of the club by introducing a social secretary role for the club to add to organise events for the club. Mujeeb Chaudhry was proposed for the role.

    Tony Cleaver
  4. Captain’s Report: The club finished the season with 11 wins and 10 losses, including a long wining run of 9 matches (interspersed with 3 losses) with KSOB proving a thorn in the club’s side. At a star studded awards dinner, IB was awarded for the most wickets, Rory McInnes-Gibbons (RMG) for the most runs, the player of the season was split between RMG and MC, PC for fielder of the season, HM for moment of the season and AD for the Spirit of Cricket award. CC noted that the real winner though was cricket itself, with team spirit, camaraderie and cheer being truly heart-warming.
    This optimism has been carried into winter nets (starting before the end of the season in September) where attendance has been high throughout, and HM has won an automatic first name on the team sheet with record attendance to date. Good preparations suggest the club will be in a good place for the season opener against KSOB.
    CC notes that we must continue to grow the club and recruit new players, and particularly welcomes VK and GP to or ranks as brilliant additions to nets. The more people the club brings in the more diverse the club becomes and the healthier the club becomes in the long run. CC expressed his gratitude to the hard work that JC is currently putting in to arrange fixtures for the coming season, and to all of those which have continued to fulfil their roles on the club over the past season.
    CC will be away for the first half of the season and it will be the duty of the vice-captains to shoulder the captain’s responsibilities. MC has been asked to captain in college fixtures, and SB in friendly matches, should they be retained as vice-captains.
    Finally, CC commented that with SB due to leave this season, the club will be losing one of its longest-standing players, and someone that has done a terrific job as club treasurer for many years. The club will sorely miss one of its most decorated opening bowlers and one of the most popular presences around the club. On behalf of the DCSCC, CC thanks SB and wishes him the best going forward.
    The Captain’s written report is here.
    Chris Cowie
  5. Secretary’s report: JC noted again the difficulties in confirming home fixtures with TD due to having to wait for university fixtures to be arranged. Approximately 30 friendly fixtures suggested, in various states of being confirmed, against many of the usual teams; KSOB, Belmont, Hunwick, Grey SCR, Farmers, Mallards, King James, NAS, Wolsingham, Knights and new teams from last season; Sheffield and E=MCC. Fixtures being arranged against new clubs; Benwell & Walbottle and Newcastle Wanderers. Matches currently due to run from 16/4 – 29/8. There will also be 5 college league fixtures within that period. JC has also contacted Hull University.
    Durham School (needs to be within term time) was suggested as another fixture. IB has asked Tantobie CC. It was questioned whether having Edinburgh and Sheffield away within one week is a good idea, but should stick with it for the present. TC suggested having a list of confirmed dates sent to the club before the start of the season, even if not all of the fixtures are included, so members can make arrangements early.

    Jill Cartledge/Aidan Duffy
  6. Treasurer’s report: Treasurer’s report was given by AD on Behalf of SB. SB noted pitch fees of £532 on the 2022 season, with an additional £292 in equipment expenses. The club funded £100 towards students for the annual dinner (an unpaid tab added £78), and funded the end of season BBQ. Match fees from the season totalled £840.
    Introduction of fees for the nets posed a challenge, current fees are £2.50 per session to cover costs. A loss on the season was calculated as £193.41, although net fees for the end of the year are still to be collected. Outstanding match fees account for much of the remaining loss.
    Match fees in 2023 are due to increase on both MC1 and MC2. Based on 2022 that would be an increase of £100 in pitch costs. Planning needed to avoid larger losses. SB suggests more matches on MC2 to reduce costs – to be sorted between captain, secretary and treasurer. SB also suggests players subsidising events, e.g. BBQ, and/or increasing match fees to £6.
    The club accounts are otherwise healthy and can absorb small losses. SB will be leaving in June and therefore stepping down as treasurer.
    EW noted that it is good to have a £1000+ buffer in the accounts but that the club should be cautious that this is maintained. EW also commented that if MC2 is now being charged it should be well maintained, where previously it has not been.
    NM commented that the accounts have been audited and approved. TC noted that, with 2 nets a week, and with nets running through the off-season, player cost can become significant, though JC noted that £2.50 is cheaper than most clubs. High attendance has meant that individual costs can be reduced. AD commented that nets are at the least breaking even at current levels, if not injecting money into the club.
    NM noted that £400 has been lost over the last 4 years, largely in unpaid match fees. TC suggested a pay on the day policy, though this would create additional work for the treasurer. AD suggested a system of monthly bills and payment, with offenders then prevented from playing. This was agreed by those present.
    It was approved that match fees should increase to £6 to cover the cost of a dedicated scorer, JC, inline with league payment at £10 a match. TC commented on the great asset it is to have JC as a scorer to remove the responsibility from players. CC suggested monthly payments to the scorer.
    The 2022 accounts may be viewed here.
    The Treasurer’s written report is here.

    Stephen Boothroyd
  7. Election of Officers:
    President: Peter Collins elected as president.
    Chairman TC retained as Chairman.
    Secretary: JC has been conducting the majority of secretary duties since the start of 2023 as AD is expecting to leave during the 2023 season. JC was elected to fully assume the secretary role for the 2023 season.
    Captain: CC retained as captain.
    Vice-Captain(s): CC commented that MC is happy to continue as a vice-captain, alongside SB. RR is happy to pass the responsibility to someone else. IB elected as a vice-captain. CC will be away from mid-April. In his absence MC will captain College fixtures, and SB will captain friendly matches.
    Treasurer: SB will be leaving during the 2023 season. TC and CC suggested RMG, PC and HM as potential replacements. Due to outside responsibilities HM was removed. EW stressed that a good level of organisation and involvement will be required. Decision of those present was that CC would ask PC followed by RMG. As Chairman, can TC be added as a signatory for the DCSCC accounts, and how? Check with SB .
    Kit Man: EW retained as kit man.
    Auditor: NM retained as auditor.
    Webmaster: NM happy to remain in this role for the present. NM likely to retire this year, and may lose access to edit the website, and is happy for someone else to take on the role. JC suggested KC as he has experience in IT. JC to enquire. EW can easily arrange access if the role is transferred. It is desirable that the change be made as soon as convenient. NM and EW able to pass on knowledge of using the system when required.
    Scorer: JC retained as scorer. NM commented that it should be checked that the archives are complete, and that scorebooks are complete. NM however thinks that all recent scorebooks are accounted for.
  8. Kit:  EW commented that not much new kit is needed. There are 16 new match balls which should be good for most of the season, can top up supply as necessary. PS mentioned that he may be able to get cheaper cricket balls if needed. Getting pink/orange balls for matches earlier/later in the season where it starts to get darker was also suggested. EW to pick out practice balls from the bag of spare balls which need replacing. More towels, in case of wet weather, could be purchased. New bails have been bought and light up bails have been found. Scorebooks have disappeared from the kit bag. For now, the book from last season can be used, and a couple more should be bought. The club should be fine with 3 DCSCC flags to present at matches, TC commented that delivery was quick before and more can be bought if necessary. A photo should be taken of the set of used spiked boots are in the kit bag and posted on the WhatsApp group.
    JC mentioned that KC has been looking into possibly customising the current kit, through Surridge, as a way of modernising the design.
  9. AOB:
    Indoor cricket match: Currently pencilled in on fixture list for Saturday 29th April, though if this is not available JC suggested an evening instead. IB is currently in possession of the trophy. CC suggested 2 hours for the game(s). AD to check on the length of the indoor matches last season. AD noted that with the new cost for facilities hire, this will now cost £40 per hour.
    Tour: TC commented that this is a commonly proposed idea which has been done previously and would be good to reintroduce. CC suggested tying into one of the club’s longer away fixtures, turning it into a full day or perhaps overnight. The fixture against E=MCC in Edinburgh is during the Fringe Festival, so finding accommodation will be difficult. NM mentioned the idea of pursuing reintroducing the cricket festival. CC has had an invite to a festival in Suffolk, which is to be followed up.
    Email account: AD has been the main manager of the DCSCC mailbox as secretary. Now AD is leaving the secretary role it is necessary that the correct people (namely JC as the new secretary) have access as this has been the main contact point for clubs and Team Durham in the past, and is where alerts for, e.g. for the mailing list, will appear. EW is named owner of the DCSCC account. JC already has access, and the new treasurer should also be added when elected.
    Player recruitment: Methods from the previous season have worked well, with a number of new, valuable additions to the club. Last season CC put a post on Daily Dialogue, the same should be done again. JC has people from within her department interested in joining. Members should look to similarly advertise within their departments. This season saw a number of female players join the club, and it would be good to recruit more women to the club. TC again stressed that the DCSCC is a very open club and that members should continue to make newcomers feel welcome and included. CC suggested contacting the person in charge the Women’s university teams to as a way of advertising the club.
    Display cabinet: TC has been looking into options for a wall mounted cabinet to store trophies and memorabilia (a potential option at 800x600x250mm was £300). PS confirmed that the cabinet could be mounted in Grey SCR. CC mentioned that this would be a good idea to unveil ‘officially’ for the 75th anniversary of the club. CC suggested asking Chancellor/VC for financial support. As it is intended to be housed in Grey SCR, PS agreed to send enquiries.
    Annual dinner: TC asked whether the Pennington Room and Grey College will be ready by September. PS commented that refurbishments should be completed by then, and that full catering options (i.e. dietary requirements) should be available. PS said that any dates outside of induction week in September would most likely be available. TC mentioned that ideally a Friday in mid-September would be most suitable.
    75th Anniversary celebration ideas: EW suggested a celebratory match, for example against long standing opponents Mallards. AD noted that it could be an idea to invite alumni for celebrations. NM and TC suggested perhaps a match involving alumni. JC commented that Chester-Le-Street have previously played against a Barmy Army team which is always played in good spirit. Also suggested was having/inviting multiple teams for a number of shorter matches.
    NM suggested contacting local media e.g. the Northern Echo, for media on the anniversary of the club. NM suggested having a special design made for new kit to celebrate the 75th anniversary. PS suggested caps as the most commonly worn/visible piece of kit. TC commented that Mallard had previously had commemorative caps made and that the design was of good quality.
    Outdoor Nets: AD noted that last season outdoor net slots were taken up by colleges very quickly when released. CC asked whether slots can be chosen on odd evenings. Last season it was a slot assigned for the whole term. AD is unsure, but thinks these nets would be free as they are assigned for colleges/those in the college league.

Aidan Duffy, March 2023