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Club Officials

Club Officials 2024 Season

Honorary Presidenttbd
PresidentPeter Collins
ChairmanTony Cleaver
CaptainGuy Paxman/Patrick Card
Vice Captain 1Mujeeb Chaudhry
Vice Captain 2Rory McInnes-Gibbons
Vice Captain 3Ian Boothroyd
SecretaryVinay Kopnar — [email protected]
TreasurerChris Cowie
Auditor/Web siteNigel Metcalfe
KitEckart Wrede

Club Constitution

This consitution was passed by the AGM in 1983, after having been accepted by Maiden Castle in 1982, and as such represents an agreement between the club and the University.

  • The club shall be known as the Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club.
  • The Officers shall be the President, Vice-President*, Chairman, Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and will be jointly responsible for the team selection and conducting the administrative and financial affairs of the club.
  • Membership is open to all employees of the University of Durham, its Associated Colleges, and, at the discretion of the Officers of the Club, a number of external members limited to six, or ten percent of the membership, whichever is the the greatest.
  • There will be an annual membership fee**, and a fee for each game played, to be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Annual General Meeting will be held at the beginning of the season on a date agreed by the Officers of the Club. At this meeting an Auditor will be appointed.

*The post of vice-president was suspended from 2007

** The annual membership fee has since been abolished

Previous Club Captains
2024 –Guy Paxman/Patrick Card
2022 – 2023Chris Cowie
2020 – 2021Mujeeb Chaudhry
2018 – 2019David Gillespie
2012 – 2017Peter Swift
2011Alex Finlay
2009 – 2010Alan Clarke
2007 – 2008Ian Whitfield
2006Phil Hands
2004 – 2005Tom Hase
2000 – 2003Tony Cleaver
1997 – 1999Bob Halliwell
1995 – 1996Steve Fullerton
1994Jim Innes
1992 – 1993Nigel Metcalfe
1989 – 1991Ted Fuller
1988John Anstee
1986 – 1987 Dave Parker
1984 – 1985 Jon Sandbach
1982 – 1983 John Anstee
1980 – 1981 Colin Warbrick
1978 – 1979Barry Wetton
1975 – 1977Tim Hughes
1973 – 1974 Ray Pallister
1970 – 1972 Brian Lander
1967 – 1969Dan de W Rogers
1965 – 1966 John Woods
1962 – 1963Leslie Brooks
1961S. Holgate
1959 – 1960R.A. Harman
1956 – 1958 A. Pennington
1954 – 1955R.A. Harman
1953B. Holmes
1951 – 1952S. Holgate
1950J.E. Caffyn (Founding captain)
Previous Secretaries
2024 –V. Kopnar
2023J. Cartledge
2022A. Duffy
2021I. Boothroyd/A. Duffy
2015-2020I. Boothroyd
2014Not appointed
2012-2013A. Clarke
1996-2010N. Metcalfe
1991-1995D. Parker
1986-1990J. White
1983?-1985R. Foley
1980-1982Not recorded
1977-1979?L. Barnes
1975-1976W. Blake
1970-1974B. Wetton
1969L. Williams
1962-1968Not recorded
At various time before 1962 there seems to have been both a fixtures secretary
and a general/hon. secretary
1961G.G Griffith/J. Woods
1960G.G Griffith/I.E. Graham
1952-1959I.E. Graham
1951S. Holgate/I.E. Graham
1950S. Holgate/A.E. Green