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AGM 2022

Minutes of the 2022 AGM

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The 73rd AGM of the Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club took place on-line (via Zoom) at 7pm on Tuesday April 12th 2022

Present: Jill Cartledge (JC), Kris Cartledge (KC), Stephen Boothroyd (SB), Ian Boothroyd (IB), Mujeeb Chaudhry (MC), Tony Cleaver (TC), Chris Cowie (CC), Aidan Duffy (AD) Nigel Metcalfe (NM), Eckart Wrede (EW).
Apologies for absence:  Peter Collins (PC), Rich Root (RR)

  1. Chair: In the absence of the chairman, the meeting was chaired by the secretary (AD), until TC was elected as the new chair under item 8.
  2. Minutes of 2021 meeting: Accepted without issue.
  3. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.
  4. Chairman’s Report: AD gave the report on behalf of the chairman. PC gave his thanks for the invitation but given that his playing days are long gone did not consider he had anything significant to contribute. PC was delighted to see how the club has coped and persevered through difficulties due to the pandemic. He wishes the club a successful and victorious summer. PC expressed his thoughts that a chairman should be elected that is more in touch with the club and its present activities.
    Peter Collins
  5. Captain’s Report: MC commented that the club benefited greatly from several additions during the last season all of whom made value contributions throughout the season. Some notable performances included a DCSCC record 219 in the season opener against KSOB, a hattrick from SB, and 3 consecutive 6s by Rory MG (RMG), (incidentally trapping RR just shy of 50). MC also commented on an umpiring controversy leading to a run out not being awarded as said umpire was not looking. Leading wicket takers on the season were IB, SB and CC with 18, 15 and 14 wickets respectively. Leading run scorers were RMG, KC and RR with 229, 209 and 158 runs respectively. The “player of the season” award was won by CC who made valuable all-round contributions throughout the season. The newly introduced “Spirit of Cricket” award was won jointly by JC and TC for their contributions and commitment to the club. MC thanks everyone for a good season and, keeping with tradition, feels the captaincy should pass to someone new at the end of his 2-year tenure.
    Mujeeb Chaudhry
  6. Secretary’s report: Currently 19 T20s and 8 40 over games arranged. New opponents this year include Sheffield and Hull university staff teams, credit to MC for putting out requests to arrange, E=MCC, a touring side from the physics department at Edinburgh University, and Bamburgh Castle. After the success of the first indoor staff cricket match prior to the pandemic, a match has been organised for towards the start of the season. DCSCC will have a team in the University college league which will add more T20 fixtures, the league schedule is currently being organised. Unfortunately, due to staffing issues the Beamish tournament will not be running this year due to a lack of capacity to arrange and run. The events coordinator at beamish is however hopeful that the tournament will be reinitiated in the coming years. It was suggested that it should be made clear to members that they should also respond to availability calls if they are unable to play, to prevent unnecessary chasing up.
    Aidan Duffy
  7. Treasurer’s report: In summary, following the 2021 season the account is in a strong position and it was possible to reduce match fees to £3 last season. Given the large number of fixtures this year, reverting to match fees of £5 should cover all costs. SB commented that in general the online payment system works well, although it can be harder to chase missing payments, and it should be made obvious that payees must make the treasurer aware of payments as it is less easy to identify from checking the account directly. TC suggested the introduction of a call for half season payments at the mid-point of the season to identify non-payers and act accordingly. NM similarly suggested a ‘no-pay, no-play’ policy after a mid-point payment deadline. After the meeting the treasurer provided the following written report.
    The 2021 accounts may be viewed here
    Stephen Boothroyd
  8. Election of Officers:
    President: Brian Lander should be contacted to determine whether he wishes to continue as president. If not, then previous players including David Gillespie (DG) and PC could be contacted to ask if they would like to take on the role, both of whom are well known and respected within the club.
    Chairman: NM commented that it would be useful to have a chairman in touch with the university hierarchy. Ian Whitfield (IW) and TC suggested as candidates. TC happy to assume role, confirmed without objection.
    Secretary: AD due to end PhD in October so unlikely able to continue duties after then but is happy to continue duties throughout this season. TC commented that AD should continue as suggested and, if necessary, IB could assume the role on an interim basis. IB not able to assume role full time, so the role should be advertised through the season to find a replacement.
    Captain: MC wanting to step down after 2 years as captain, candidate suggestions of SB, CC and RMG. TC commented that SB and CC are more established within the club and the additional knowledge of players may be useful. SB does not want two roles, if he were to continue as treasurer. SB and CC happy to take either captain or treasurer. TC, as new chairman, made decision to keep SB as treasurer, with existing knowledge. CC elected as captain.
    Vice-Captain(s): JC commented that RR would like to retain his roll as VC. NM commented that Rob Powell (RP) has not played for a couple of years and suggested MC as a vice captain. TC commented on the need for a reliable attendee to captain in the absence of CC. As a candidate for captain and game day regular, SB elected as VC. RR, MC and SB elected as vice captains.
    Treasurer: SB retained as treasurer.
    Kit Man: EW retained as kit man.
    Auditor: NM retained as auditor.
    Webmaster: NM retained as webmaster.Scorer: JC retained as scorer.
  9. Fixtures: Largely covered in secretary’s report. TC noted with approval the inclusion of longer away fixtures as a method of expanding the club’s reach and in providing the chance to bond more as a team.
  10. Kit:  EW not currently in UK, will check full kit when back. EW has put together a checklist of expected club kit to updated where necessary. IB, currently in possession of kit bag, has updated the document with what is in the bag. Most kit is in good shape and there should be enough club kit to suffice, keeper’s pads may need replacing. EW there should be approximately 15 new balls in the kit, not all accounted for, how many do we have and do more need purchasing? JC mentioned that scorebooks should be with MC except for two from the start of last season. TC raised the question of first aid kit, IB said there isn’t one in the kit bag. FA kit is needed for game days, kit should be bought by a member, can be reimbursed by club. EW suggested purchasing some club flags, or similar, to exchange with clubs for longer away fixtures. TC asked whether we have a logo which can be used for flags, and where to get them made. TC agreed to research potential suppliers. NM mentioned that al old scorebooks need collecting to be archived. NM to follow up on location of recent scorebooks.
  11. Mailing list updates: NM suggested sending an email/message asking whether members want to be on the mailing list or want to be removed. AD to follow up along with asking if old players want their email address updating.
  12. Sports centre registration: AD: Team Durham requires a list of club members to ensure they have sports membership. Possible to signup/pay at Maiden Castle reception. Required for non-staff members too. IB has list from 2019 which he will share. JC queried whether this would be covered by gym membership – assumed it would be. TC suggested best course of action is to check the previous list with existing members, send of a list of members with membership and wait a response.
  13. AOB:
    Player Recruitment: It was suggested by SB that a post is put in Dialogue Signposts calling for players, EW noted that there has been success this way before. TC suggested targeted individual emails are more likely to gain responses. CC suggested a compromise of circulating emails around departments, with members circulating the email around their own departments. Solution of a standard email template, for consistency, to be made which individuals can circulate.
    Treasurer’s archive: NM in possession of archives found in Ogden centre, records from last 16 years. Palace Green library archive has all other old records.
    Website updates: NM has updated the website with all images lost in the previous website migration.
    Kit supplier: NM suggested changing kit suppliers from Surridge to either Lorimers or Newlands Sports (Langley Moor). KC mentioned that previously there have been issues with quality from Lorimers. CC to investigate Newlands Sports as a potential supplier.
    Annual dinner: TC commented that this should be reintroduced given the removal of COVID restrictions. Peter Swift previously organised the dinner. TC to get in contact about arranging.

Aidan Duffy, April 2022