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AGM 2010

Minutes of the 2010 AGM

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The Meeting was held at 6.30pm on Monday April 19th 2010 in Maiden Castle meeting room.

Present: N. Clark, A. Clarke. T. Cleaver, P. Collins (chair), A. Finlay, N. Metcalfe, P. Nathan, P. Swift, D. Wilson, E Wrede.
Apologies for absence: B. Hedley, K. Khundakar, R. Pallister, M. Costello, I. Stome, I. Whitfield, M. Swinbank, J. White, M. Deakin.

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 2009 meeting were accepted.

  2. Matters Arising: There was now a first aid kit (kept in the kit bag). There had been no progress on the matter of insurance. There was still no written captain’s report from 2009.

  3. Chairman’s Report: Thanks, as ever, were due to the club officers for keeping the club in running order – captain (Alan Clarke) and vice-captains (Alex Finlay and Phil Nathan), secretary (Nigel Metcalfe), treasurer (Mark Swinbank) and kit man (Eckart Wrede). Once again the annual dinner had been a resounding success. Unfortunately, we had failed to recover the Euan Squires trophy this year.

    It was noted that any completed scorebooks still with the kit should be given to the Chairman for safe keeping. This could, perhaps, be done at the Euan Squires game.

    Peter Collins 19th April 2010

  4. Captain’s Report: We had won 5, lost 13 and tied one match.Alan Clarke, 19th April 2010

  5. Treasurer’s Report (Mark Swinbank)
    The accounts can be found here. The treasurer needed the scorebook from Eckart before he could finalise the subs owed from last season. There was a need to audit the books – it was agreed this would be done within 1 month.

  6. Secretary’s Report: There were to be no nets at Maiden Castle this Easter due to the rebuilding work, so the Riverside winter nets (which had been very successful this year) were all the club would have. Fixtures were now arranged via the front desk at Maiden Castle, rather than through the Director’s secretary. This included the filling in of a form for each fixture. Although the appropriate forms had been submitted, no pitches (in term) had yet been confirmed. As usual, contacting the students to find out about the college league had proved extremely difficult, but eventually our presence in the league has been confirmed. However, there was no college fixture list yet. It seems that many of the problems from last season were due to us having been missed off the league mailing list. We have been assured that this has been rectified for this season.

    An advert for the staff team had been placed in the University on-line Dialogues system, and had resulted in a number of new players expressing interest in the forthcoming season. The secretary now has an account on the system, so adverts can be placed when required.

    On the external fixtures side, there was the possibility of a weekend festival at Riverdale Hall in Northumberland at the end of May. The captain was organising this. There was new opposition in the form of Prudhoe, but we had lost the High Stables fixture. However, the Medomsley fixture would hopefully happen again. Thanks were due to Matt Deakin, who had taken over the secretarial duties while the Secretary was indisposed for a few weeks.

    Finally, after 15 years in the job, the Secretary would like to announce his intention to resign at the end of this season.

    Nigel Metcalfe, 19th April 2010

  7. Kit: The kit inventory is available as a word document: DCSCCKitInventory2010.doc.

    New batting pads were a priority. It was agreed that the Kit man and Captain would sort out between them what else was required.

    Eckart Wrede 19th April 2010

  8. Election of Officers:
    • Ray Pallister was re-elected as club President.
    • The post of vice-president would continue to be suspended.
    • Peter Collins was re-elected as Chairman (and Archivist).
    • *Nigel Metcalfe was re-elected as Secretary
    • Alan Clarke was elected as Captain.
    • Alex Finlay was elected as a Vice-Captain.
    • Phil Nathan was elected as a Vice-Captain.
    • Mark Swinbank was re-elected as Treasurer.
    • **Eckart Wrede was re-elected at Kit Man.
    • John White was re-elected as auditor.*The secretary is to resign at the end of the forthcoming season.
      **Eckart Wrede will take over as secretary at the end of the forthcoming season. Alan Clarke will take over responsibility for the kit.

      There was some discussion of whether next season it would be time for a new treasurer. Likely candidates would be approached. There was also the issue of a new captain.

  9. AOB A date for the annual dinner was discussed. As usual, Tony Cleaver would do his best to chose an appropriate date towards the end of September in Grey College

    There was some discussion of the ethos of the club, and whether we should be more focussed towards winning games. It was re-affirmed that the purpose of the club was to play the game in a friendly spirit and give everyone who wanted a bat or a bowl. However, there was some scope in the college league for a more ‘cutting edge’ approach, if for no other reason than to prevent us from being beaten out of sight on every occasion! .

Nigel Metcalfe – 22/04/010