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Account 1996

Treasurer’s Report for 1996 Season

                            Pnds  P
Balance 5/3/96               487 27

Income from match fees        77 00

Building Soc Interest (net)    1 64


                             572 91

Purchase of cricket balls     48 00 

Pitch Hire                    17 50


Balance 5/3/96               507 51



  • Match fees remained at 1 pound per game. Fees collected in 1995 were 119 pounds so there was a drop in the 1996 season, partly due to some players not being charged when they were helping to make up numbers. There are also two debtors owing 11 pounds between them which might be recoverable.
  • 48 pounds was spent on new cricket balls, which whilst not of top quality seemed to be of reasonable value at the price. Pitch hire was charged by Maiden Castle for one game in the vacation period
  • During 1997 there is the prospect of a ‘pay-out’ from the Northern Rock Building Society to members on its conversion to a bank.

J.R. White 17/3/97

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Last Updated 14/4/97