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AGM 1999

Minutes of 1999 AGM

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The Meeting was held at 7pm on Monday March 22nd 1999 in Maiden Castle bar.

Present: T. Cleaver, P.D.B. Collins, T. Fuller, R.F. Halliwell, A. Harden, J.B. Innes, N. Metcalfe, T. Philpott, J. White.
Apologies: J. Anstee, J. Bate, B. Lander, C.J. Rowe, M. Roberts.

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 1998 meeting were accepted.
  2. Matters Arising: The Captain wished it to be known that he had produced a report for the previous season !
    Long sleeved jumpers with a club logo had been purchased and had sold very well. A few were still available.
    It had been decided not to put any money in a longer-term high interest account.
    Various items of new kit had been purchased.
  3. Chairman’s Report: Due to the resignation of the club’s longstanding chairman, Brian Lander, there was no report this year. It was agreed that the secretary would write a letter to the outgoing chairman thanking him for his support. It was noted that Brian Lander was also the auditor, and it was not clear if he was to continue in this role.
  4. Captain’s Report: The 1998 season was my second term-of-office as club captain and the vital statistics are given below:
    There were 26 fixtures arranged
    11 were cancelled through rain and opposition teams cancelling or failing to turn up.
    1 match (unfortunately the Mayor’s Appeal game) was abandoned because of rain.
    14 games were playes: the Staff side won 6 and lost 8
    Our performances in these matches, overall, was a great improvement on the previous season and this is fairly reflected in the number of matches we won. Indeed in a couple of games we lost (e.g. Castle and Graduate Society) it’s fair to say that we game the opposition a good run for their money.I was delighted that we had improved so much on the cricket field in 1998 and put this down to 3 or 4 factors and these were: (i) more players enjoying and contributing to our games. I hope this trend will continue because this is vital if Staff Cricket is to thrive in Durham; (ii) our investment in excellent new kit, especially our DCSCC sweaters (an absolute requirement in Durham from January until mid-June and from mid-June until January). I am convinced that not having to defrost players before sending them out to bat, bowl or field a cricket ball really does make a difference; (iii) sterling contributions from Martin Evans (alas now left the club for new pastures, or is it cricket fields?) with the ball, newcomer, Chris (Stressed Eric) Thompson with the bat, and all-round club contributions both on and off the field of play from John White and Nigel Metcalfe. I’m also very grateful to all the other players (un-named heros in this brief report) who played and gave their best last season in batting, bowling, fielding and in the bar afterwards for the Staff Cricket Club.I hope the 1999 season will be a successful and enjoyable summer for the University Staff Cricket Club.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s financial report can be found here. There was much discussion of the state of the equipment, notwithstanding last year’s purchases. It was agreed to fund the purchase of two extra bats, two pairs of pads, a set of LH gloves, and a new set of wicket-keeping gloves + inners. A box of new balls was also needed. The idea of purchasing umpires coats would also be explored. The new (and old!) kit should be clearly marked “DCSCC” – several items of kit had been lost in recent seasons and the current lack of labelling did not help.
    On a separate matter, it was agreed to pay for drinks at this and subsequent AGMs out of club funds.
  6. Secretary’s Report: The secretary reported that no fixture list was yet available for the forthcoming season, and there was no sign of it appearing in the near future. The Mayor’s XI match was provisionally on July 7th, but confirmation awaited the results of the Local Council elections ! Although a match at home to Houghall had been offered, there was some doubt as to whether Houghall would be able to raise a side this year. KPMG had not yet responded to our offer of a fixture (but they often replied very late). Home and Away fixtures against Adders, Blagdon and Mallards were tentatively arranged. The Adders home fixture would be before the start of term, subject to pitch availability.
  7. Election of Officers: Feelers had been sent out before the meeting for the posts of Captain and Vice-Captain and Treasurer, all of which were due for replacement. The unexpected resignation of the club Chairman had also left this post vacant. These matters were resolved as follows:
    Peter Collins resigned as club President and agreed to take over as Chairman. It was decided to approach the Vice-Chancellor to ask if he would agree to become Club President.No candidates for the Captaincy had been received and R.F Haliwell agreed to continue in post (his third year in office). Following a vote of those present, Tony Cleaver was elected Vice-Captain.
  8. AOB: Subsequent to the meeting it was realised that the forthcoming season would be the Club’s 50th (having been founded in December 1949). It was agreed to hold an anniversary dinner at some stage.

Nigel Metcalfe – 3/5/99