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AGM 1997

Minutes of 1997 AGM

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The Meeting was held at 1:15pm on Monday March 17th 1997 in Physics

Present: P. Collins, B. Lander, N. Metcalfe, J. White
Apologies: T. Fuller, J. Innes, R.F. Halliwell, C.J. Rowe

  • Minutes: The minutes of the 1996 meeting were accepted.
  • Matters Arising: The secretary reported that the WWW page was now up and running.
  • Chairman’s Report: The season had understandably been overshadowed by the death of Euan Squires whilst playing for the club. It was noted that the President had sent a letter of condolance from the club to Euan’s widow. A collection amongst members had rasied eighty-three pounds for the British Heart Foundation. On a lighter note the club had had reasonable success on the playing field, and it was to be hoped that this trend continued.
  • Captain’s Report: As the Captain and Vice-Captain have both left the University no report was available. However, detailed accounts of last year’s matches and players performances can be found elsewhere on these Web pages. In summary, out of 22 scheduled fixtures, 10 were actually played, of which 5 were won. If he could be contacted (!), the Captain, Steve Fullerton, was to be heartily thanked for his stirling efforts over the last couple of years (Sec.).
  • Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s financial report can be found here. The equipment inventory is here. As noted, there is the possibility of the club receiving a not insubstantial windfall from the conversion of the Northern Rock Building Society to a bank. As this is likely to be in the form of shares there was some discussion as to what should be done once they are in the club’s possesion. It was decided that it would be left to the treasurer, in consultation with the chairman, to decided whether to sell or not. It was noted that the pitch hire costs were due to Gradsoc booking a pitch for a match against Staff and our agreeing to split their costs 50-50.
  • Election of Officers: R.F. Halliwell and J.B. Innes have agreed to fill the vacant Captain and Vice-Captain’s positions and were elected unopposed. It was anticipated that they would arrange between themselves who filled which position (or work as a joint team). A new Vice-President was required. In view of his long association with the club it was decided to ask John Anstee if he would take on this onerous task. The treasurer, J. White, again expressed a desire to step down if a replacement could be found !
  • Secretary’s Report: The secretary presented the fixture list for the 1997 season, including the arrangements for nets. A new fixture, against Blagdon, had been arranged. Grey SCR had proposed that our annual fixture against them should be played each year for a Euan Squires Trophy. They had agreed to spend up to 50 pounds on purchasing a trophy providing the Staff came up with a similar figure. It was agreed we would contribute up to this amount, although there was some feeling that this was an overstimate of the costs of a suitable trophy. Insurance – the Mayor’s secretary has asked it to be pointed out that when playing at Belmont opposition members were not covered for personal liability by their (i.e. the Mayor’s XI) insurance. This brought up the question of just what insurance the University provides for club members, and the treasurer was asked to investigate. Maiden Castle cards – Maiden Castle have asked teams to be aware that players must have valid sports centre cards. How this leaves non-University players was not clear. The secretary would investigate. Start times – it was agreed that, if possible, 4:30pm starts would be put back to 5pm, due to the increased load of teaching duties etc !

Nigel Metcalfe – 14/4/97