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AGM 2018

Minutes of the 2018 AGM

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The 69th AGM of the Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club was held at 7.00pm on Tuesday April 10th 2018 in the SCR, Grey College

Present: Ian Boothroyd, Stephen Boothroyd, G Peter Swift, David Gillespie, Nigel Metcalfe, Tony Cleaver (chair), Richard Root, Rob Powell
Apologies for absence: Stuart Green, Ben Smith, Eckart Wrede, Ian Whitfield, Stephen English, Steve Wake, Peter Collins

  1. Minutes of 2017 meeting: the accounts for 2016 had now been audited by NM.
    Vice-Chancellor accepted position as Honorary President – will be asked to annual club dinner and Euan Squires Trophy match
    ES Trophy engraved but handle broken – GPS needs to action ES Trophy fix and cabinet in Grey SCR for the trophy and team photos.
    MC2 scoreboard – a new one was bought by Maiden Castle.

  2. Matters Arising: New player sports cards – sign up when first go to Maiden Castle (nets or matches).

  3. Chairman’s Report: Peter’s wife had fallen and broken her ankle, so Peter could not attend – he sent his apologies. TC acted as chair in PC’s absence. Peter suggested it was an opportunity for a new chair with more involvement with the club to be elected, but NM suggested PC should remain chair until another player retires as the club needs a link to the past.
    PC had said that GPS will be greatly missed as captain but had done more than enough.
    Peter Collins
  4. Captain’s Report: 2017 was another good season with 41 games yet again organised by Ian – the same number as both 2015 and 216 – with us winning 18 (two more than last year) losing 10 (one fewer) and having 13 lost to a combination of the weather and either ourselves (twice!) or the opposition being unable to raise a team. So a good season, but not quite the heights of 2015, but better than 2016! Despite having a large pool of players, quite a few couldn’t really play this season, due to injury or family commitments, so we ended up playing a handful of games with only 10, but having said that we had 15+ available for other games.
    • Winter nets (2017) started well with some new players turning up – unfortunately some of them got busy with academic marking and they never made themselves available. Rob Powell came back bolstering an already impressively strong batting line-up, and Mujeeb arrived from Pakistan with a fantastic eye and ability to hit the ball very hard (ask Eckart!) Rich Root joined adding a spin dimension to the act and good old fashioned test-match opening, as well as providing some athletic fielding. Some old faces managed to play a bit more than in the past few seasons as well. The Mildert staff I hoped to gain last year still didn’t make, but I am hopeful for the 2018 season!
    • I think the team was at least as strong as last year, certainly our full strength top 6 is the best around and would comfortably be up there with any 2nd XI in the Durham Cricket League, and we have some decent bowling too. Games were again lost mainly because we couldn’t play sensible cricket, often showing no intelligence at all – a PhD obviously has no effect on a cricket brain! Apart from perhaps USCC (I didn’t play the game when they were at full strength) our side is usually the stronger on show. One day I’d like to get a full strength team out on a Sunday and see how good we could actually be!
    • For the third season in a row we entered the student league, winning one, losing 3 and having to concede to Queen’s as most of our strongest team were away that day. We only realised this too late to request that the fixture be rearranged, so they opted for a walk-over. Annoyingly it rained all day, and even more so, they themselves conceded all but one of their games, so if we’d have kept the fixture would probably have got the walk-over ourselves! We started off against Van Mildert B, who had a University 2nd player opening the batting who promptly scored a ton on MC2 out a total of 172, taking a shine to Mujeeb’s pies. We got to 161 in response thanks to fine batting from Swift, Powell and Mujeeb. Nigel thought this was our top score ever in a T20 game, only to send a grovelling email the next day to correct it, saying we were in fact one run short! Chad’s A were next up on a bitterly cold afternoon on MC2, and they again had about 5 University 3rd team players. They got 146, thanks to us dropping catches off their batsmen quite regularly, two of whom went on to score 47 and 30 respectively. In response they fielded us out of the game – I pulled the opener over three consecutive deliveries and the lad at short mid-wicket stopped each one, and then both Rob and myself were out to excellent diving catches when we were well up with the rate, and this then left too much for the lower order. The St. John’s game was played on one of the nicest days of the summer on MC1. We began bowling terribly, but Mahavir and Rich pulled things back. For once our top order malfunctioned, and despite Mahavir batting well with Steve English and then nursing the tail, we had left ourselves too much to do. The final game was on the Racecourse on the hottest day of the Summer against Aidan’s B. They put us in to and regretted it as we racked up 176-4 a record score in 20 overs for us, with Swift and Powell again scoring heavily, and this time it was our record T20 score! In the field Stephen Boothroyd and Mahavir tore through their top order, before Vivek took three in an over, so we ran out winners by 105 runs. This must be one of our biggest margins ever.
    • Moving on to the friendly games we gained some new opposition again, USCC, a team of South Asian’s based in Newcastle and Durham City 3rds, courtesy of a number of us having joined them as a club side. Of the previous opposition we still can’t manage to beat Wolsingham, but managed to beat Kings School Old Boys on both occasions. The Squires trophy against Grey SCR resulted in a resounding win for us, Mallards were beaten comprehensively twice (without the captain needing to lift a bat in anger or even play, and I don’t think complained about the pace of our bowlers this year), and we had the better of King James in the evening fixtures but not the Sunday one. Knights were beaten resoundingly at home and somewhat less so away. Chester-le-Street were awful in the home fixture, but then in the away fixture we nearly threw our chase away. Swift and English had their customary good opening partnership before the wheels fell off spectacularly, meaning I ended up going back with last man Nigel and needing about 8 to win. Nigel scoring the winning run with 3 balls to go in increasing gloom! On two occasions we lost no wickets this season against Knights and King James at home, with all the top order retiring at 30.
    • We fared better for injuries than last year, with only David and Eckart managing to get injured in games, though Nigel’s shoulder was tired by the season end, and is still a work in progress now!On to the individual performances from 2017 of the players and the averages:
    • Starting with the batting, we had four 50’s this year, mainly as every friendly game had retirements. I got 72* against the students, Steve made 69 against QSCC and David and Mujeeb both got 50 against King James in the Sunday game after one of our other top-order debacles! Rob technically got two additional 50’s, but the scorebooks say 49 due to runs being given as leg byes, I got 49 against Van Mildert and Phil Nathan 47 against USCC. We usually retired at 30, occasionally at 35 in the 20 over games and people who got these scores and retired were Rob Powell (6 times), Peter Swift (5), Stephen English (4), Mujeeb (2), Ian Whitfield (2) and David Gillespie (1). Rob topped 500 runs this season, possibly the first time this have been achieved for the staff and Swift 450. English got over 300, whilst David and Mujeeb topped 200, with Ian Whitfield, Ben Smith and Rich Root over 100. The best average was Phil Nathan at 67, followed by Mahavir (in two games) and Mujeeb both over 50. Mahavir and myself averaged over 50 in the subset of games comprising the student league.
    • The bowling was shared around again with lots of good performances including fourteen three wicket or more wicket hauls. Phil Nathan’s 5-31 being the best against QSCC. People who took three wicket hauls were: Ian Boothroyd (3), Stephen Boothroyd (2), Nigel Metcalfe (1), Mahvir Sharma (1), Phil Nathan (1), Ben Smith (1), Rich Root (1) Anjil (1), Vivek (2), Rob (1). As always the Boothroyds kept trying to outdo each other up, and they ended up as leading wicket takers, Ian with 26 (29 in 2016) and Stephen 22 (25). Nigel, Rich, Vivek, David and Tony all got over 10 wickets. Best average was Mahavir (4.60), but he only played in the student games, with Rich next at 10.29. Mahavir led the economy (2.94) followed by Tony on 3.22
    • Fielding is still a work in progress, with a good number of catches being taken, but these aren’t always noted in the book. We went through a phase of one-handed catches too. I should also comment on the wicket-keeping having had four to choose from (Eckart, Chris, Rob and Adrian).This season: Winters nets have been successful at Chester-le-Street, but attendance hasn’t been as good as last year due to people’s other commitments and not being able to have our preferred Tuesday evening. A combination of Mondays and Thursdays meant we had some good and some poorer weeks. We have gained a couple of new players – one of the Mildert staff plus Saidur who have both been regular attenders, and a couple more who are at least on the books, and lost fewer than I anticipated at the Annual Dinner, which hopefully bodes well, but we are always on the lookout for more and will send another email to all staff to see who there is. The fixture base has been consolidated, and we’ve managed to lose the teams who insist on 2 overs per bowler and ridiculous wides!
      Thanks: Firstly to all the players for making this such another really enjoyable season for us all. The team overall this year was stronger than last, but when we lost it was usually down to not playing intelligent cricket – sounds ridiculous for a team of academic staff but … – or poor match-situation awareness. Secondly, to Ian Boothroyd for his excellent fixture organising skills as secretary – which he has continued again to set this season up and to Stephen for being Treasurer. To Eckart for being our kit man and acting as secretary when Ian has been away and to Nigel for the website. Finally, to Stephen English, Rob Powell and David Gillespie for their work as Vice Captains.
      As I am sure many of you are aware, I have made the decision to step down after six very enjoyable seasons in charge, and I have taken on the perhaps bigger the even challenge of captaining the second team at Durham City Cricket Club – a few of us play there, and people would be welcome to come and watch (and score) on Saturday’s. I’d hope you agree with me that this club has gone from strength over this period of time, and I am pleased with how we have: a) Become a club who can compete with all our friendly opposition (and if we play like cricketers rather than academics) win the majority of our games; b) Been able to get back into the student league over the last three seasons and play some good cricket. There have only really been two games when we haven’t given the students a run for their money, due to the top order failing. I’d like to reiterate particular thanks to Dr English for his support particularly in the early years of getting the team out and competitive. Finally, I hope that people will support the new captain as they stamp their mark on the team, and I look forward to being able to come and play and hopefully stand at slip and have an enjoyable time!
      Peter Swift, 6th July 2018

      GPS suggested another dialogue advert for new players – this was enacted by new captain DG.
  5. Secretary’s report: We currently have 32 fixtures arranged for this season:
    Sunday fixtures – this season we have expanded the number of Sunday fixtures from previous seasons. We have retained the season opening fixture against Kings School Old Boys, along with fixtures against King James and the double fixtures against United Stars Cricket Club from last season. We have also added home and away fixtures against a Durham City development XI – including our first Sunday game on MC1, which will require teas to be set up in the cafe. We also have a game against Hunwick Development XI. Currently, we have 7 long-form Sunday games.
    Student league – We have two games on Saturdays and three on Sundays, spread across April, May and June. It may well be that these fixtures change dates/times/grounds as in previous seasons. All games are currently on MC1, but previous seasons have had games on MC2 and the Racecourse too.
    MC1 – We have ten fixtures on MC1 this season outside of student league games. One of those is the second fixture against Grey SCR, for which Grey will cover the cost. The Euan Squires trophy match is arranged for Monday 11th June.
    MC2 – We have three fixtures on MC2, against Durham Sanctuary Knockers, Sunderland NAS, and Wolsingham. I hope to add some more to fill fixture gaps, as there are several weeks in July and August with only one fixture, or none at all. Trevs SCR is a fixture we usually have, and we should be able to get a game arranged
    Ian Boothroyd, 10th April 2018
  6. Treasurer’s report: The overall loss for 2017 was £17.22. This was much better than the loss of £656.83 in 2016, (though particularly high equipment costs were a large factor in this).
    In 2017 we spent £106.65 on equipment, had pitch fees of £420 (7 pitches at £60 each) and umpire fees of ££48. The club dinner made a loss of££54.17.
    The 2016/7 winter nets made a loss of £110.
    Match subs collected were £855.
    The new match subs of £5 on MC1 and £2 for MC2 or away matches worked well. The MC1 subs covered the cost of the pitches, while the MC2 away match fees contributed directly to the accounts and put us in a much stronger position. It would however be preferable to be making a small profit over the course of the season, to cover seasons where we have higher costs.
    Moving into 2018 the winter nets made an overall loss of £192.50. This meant we were an average of around 4 people from breaking even each week. We were unlucky not to get our usual Tuesday slot and it seemed Mondays or Thursdays worked best for different people, so attendance was down (our worst week had 6 people).
    This leaves the account balance at £1,140.98
    For this season we’re planning to bring in a £2 fee for practice matches to try and cover our losses from nets. The £5 for MC1 (and Racecourse matches) and £2 fees for MC2 and away matches seem fair, but open to discussion.
    Accounts for 2017 season
    Stephen Boothroyd, 10th April 2018

    The following decisions were made at the Meeting: No practice match fees, MC2 and away matches £3, MC1 and Racecourse matches £5 (including league matches).
  7. Election of Officers:
    • President: Brian Lander retained.
    • Hon. President: Stuart Corbridge retained.
    • Chairman: Peter Collins retained.
    • Secretary : Ian Boothroyd retained.
    • Captain: David Gillespie elected.
    • Vice-Captain: Stephen English retained, Rob Powell retained. Peter Swift to act as a third VC if needed.
    • Treasurer: Stephen Boothroyd retained.
    • Kit Man: Eckart Wrede retained.
    • Auditor: Nigel Metcalfe retained.
    • Webmaster: Nigel Metcalfe retained.
  8. Fixture discussion/Kit: It was discussed that despite 32 fixtures currently arranged, there were plenty of fixture gaps in July and August. It was decided that some gaps would be left to allow for rearranged fixtures cancelled from the weather. General management of late-season fixtures was discussed in terms of availability during school holidays but appetite of many players for games despite this – as occurred in 2017 when plenty of players wanted more fixtures for August than had been arranged.
    Suggestions for additional fixtures included Raby Castle, Spin Drs, Chillingham Cows (last played in 2011), Durham School and Wylam (a team Mallards play). RP would contact a friend in the local Royal Mail team about a possible fixture.
    TC mentioned that overseas tours had already been booked up, so there was no chance of an end of season tour abroad. RR mentioned his old club team in Bristol as a possibility for a tour instead.
    DG asked whether other universities had staff teams. IMB/SCB/GPS noted yes – we had been contacted by Warwick Uni Staff asking about similar ground fee hikes as we had experienced in recent years. The Warwick Uni Staff website has a list of all university staff teams, another possible source of fixtures for a tour.
    It is noted that nets during term time can only be booked up to two weeks in advance, this is a policy Maiden Castle have to provide fair access for all teams. This doesn’t affect booking matches on MC1/2.
    Winter nets couldn’t be booked for usual Tuesday 9-10 pm slot at Chester-le-Street this year. Nets were split between Mondays and Thursdays, with lower attendance. It is suggested that nets be booked before Christmas for a block booking from the new year to Easter to allow regular Tuesday night nets and consistency.

    Kit – New bat required, second best bat 10 seasons old; second set of wicket keeper pads would be useful, current pair starting to split; First aid kit needs checking and refilling. GPS was to look for a new bat around £100-120, balls will be bought at end of season. DG and RP will check kit to see what needs replacing r.e. pads. Online club kit shop had closed (Kalibazar). IB was to contact Surridge Sport who had taken over, with a view to reactivating the club kit store (this has since been done).
  9. AOB: GPS to organise Annual Dinner on a Friday in the first couple of weeks of September. Price was £32.50 in 2017, new cost suggested to be £35 to avoid making a loss.

Ian Boothroyd – 4/6/2018