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AGM 2016

Minutes of the 2016 AGM

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The 67th AGM of the Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club was held at 7.30pm on Thursday March 30th 2016 in the SCR, Grey College

Present: Chris Wastell, Peter Swift, Ian Boothroyd, Nigel Metcalfe, Eckart Wrede, Stephen Boothroyd, Stuart Green, Tony Cleaver, Adrian Hopkins, Peter Collins, Jonny Moore, David Gillespie, Steve English, Steve Wake
Apologies for absence: Paul Langley, Ben Smith, Shanvas Sathar, Anthony Brown, James Walton

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 2015 meeting were accepted.

  2. Matters Arising: Appointing a new President – no approach had yet been made to Brian Lander.
    New player sports card – sign up when first go to Maiden Castle (nets or matches). Noted that cost is £3.33/month direct debit from University staff or £40 for non-university members. Sports cards allow free use of nets and MC2. It was noted that members should email the secretary when they have a sports card to update our own records.
    Health forms – require individual forms with emergency contact details for each player and any medical conditions (confidentially held by club captain at each match and Andy Cattermole). We also need to store a team declaration form, a digital copy of which needs to be sent to Andy Cattermole (Head of H&S). All H&S documents held by the University will be destroyed at the end of the season.
    Whites/training kit – renewed access to Kalibazar website, no change to kit options.
    Accounts – noted that recent accounts were missing from the website – auditor/webmaster to put online.
    Public liability for away games – noted reciprocal agreements with opposing teams
    Club kit – Bats/scorebooks/bag/clickers/balls etc. all bought new last season. We have 18 new balls and 6 from last season for 2016.
    Euan Squires Trophy – Chairman asked whether it was engraved – Peter Swift will chase up.

  3. Chairman’s Report: It was noted that it was the chairman’s 50th year as a member of the club. The chairman noted the increase in fixtures and members of the team. We regained the Euan Squires Trophy and it was noted that we were a much more successful team. The chairman offered the organisers (officers) his thanks, in particular Peter Swift.
    Peter Collins 30th March 2016
  4. Captain’s Report: 2015 was (probably) our most successful season ever in terms of games played and won – certainly, it is the best in playing memory! In this report, I would like to highlight a number of items that I covered at last year’s annual dinner:
    • We had 41 fixtures arranged and played 29; the cancelled games were due to the weather (7) or the opposition (5) and we didn’t have to concede a game, all season.
    • We won 24 of our matches.
    • 27 players were available at various times during the season, and until the school holidays we regularly had 12+ available for games. Thanks to a couple of Ustinov players who helped us out in August to ensure we kept our fixtures.
    • It was great that we gained a number of quality players last year, the majority of whom are permanent staff.Student league We entered the student league for the first time since 2010 and won one out of the three games we played, and were awarded a roll-over against John Snow, so came 3rd in the division (pool A, division 1). The team we beat (St. Johns) were promoted having themselves beaten the two teams we lost to. Paul Langley’s knock of 68* against Grey JCR when we were 10-2 (due to Swift & English failures) was superb coming in the first game of the season. Mahavir deserves praise for his bowling (12-1-36-8) and bowling with real pace, particularly against St. Johns. This season we will be in Division 1 B, and have 5 fixtures scheduled on Saturdays, all on MC2.
      Friendly Games We won 23 out of 26 games: losing at the Beamish tournament with a weakened team, by 5 runs to Farmers, and sadly by 2 runs in the final of the Doug George Cup. In general our new home game rules – retirements at 50 and 4 overs per bowler – worked really well, whilst ensure that everyone got a game:
    • The cup had a very friendly format with strict rules of retiring at 25 and everyone bowling two overs. So whilst it gave us some extra fixtures, provided new friendly opposition (with the same rules), and even though won all these games they don’t play to our strengths as a team. In particular, it is harsh on our bowlers being limited to two overs each.
    • We beat Grey SCR to retain the Squires trophy and also beat King James and Mallards home and away, teams we have struggled to beat in the past.Individual Performances
    • Batting performances: Paul Langley, Peter Swift, James Walton, Stephen English and Ben Smith all made one score of 50 plus. In games with retirements at 30 or 25, the following players made these scores: Stephen English (5), Peter Swift (4), Ben Smith (3), Dan Viete (2), James Walton (1), Paul Langley (1). Five batsmen, including Stephen English topping 400, Peter Swift falling just shy of 400, and James Walton, Paul Langley and Mahavir Sharma made 200 plus run with Ben Smith coming close 184. The best average was Jonny Moore on exactly 100 – not quite my 193 from a couple of seasons ago!
    • Bowling performances: These were a little harder to produce as a couple of games hadincomplete figures in our book. This particularly affected the Boothroyds’ figures who got wickets in those games! The figures presented are thus based on the 28 games I could read! The best performance was Shan’s 6-16 against Grey SCR in the non-Squires fixture. Other bowlers with four wicket hauls were Mahavir (2), Nigel (1), Ian Boothroyd (1), Ben Smith (1) an a number of three wicket-hauls too. Nigel finished with the most wickets on 26, the best average was Dan Viete, 8.84 and the best economy, Jonny at 2.80. However, all the regular bowlers contributed throughout the season.Looking Ahead We have once again gained some quality players at the winter nets, with attendances of 16 + until the final two weeks. This has meant, that despite hiring the complete Hall with bowling Machines, we have lost only ~£90 on these. Maiden Castle have changed how games are allocated, which means that we get MC2 for free, but need to pay £60 per game on MC1. Discussions between Ian, Stephen and myself have led to a new proposal of match fees which I will bring later.
      Thanks I would once again like to record my thanks to all players for making last season so excellent and in particular allowing me to go with my convictions of going back into the student league. I am really pleased with how the team has developed over the last 4 seasons whilst I have been captain, having taken over a team which was fairly hopeless in most departments. Secondly, to Ian Boothroyd for taking on the secretarial role and managing to double the provisional number of fixtures I had for last season. To Stephen English and Paul Langley for being two excellent Vice Captains, and also to Jonny Moore for captaining one game in all of our absences!
      Peter Swift, 30th March 2016
  5. Secretary’s report: We currently have 22 confirmed fixtures for the upcoming season, with five student league matches in Division 1 on Saturdays at either 9.30am or 12.30pm. College sport have been emailed and we are awaiting confirmation for the cost of entry, match fees etc – those from last season are noted in the minutes from the 2015 AGM.
    We have 8 home fixtures on MC1, with a possible ninth game against Grey SCR if they cover the costs of ground hire, which has increased substantially this year to £60 per 20 over game for teams with sports cards. We have arranged a number of friendlies with our usual contingent of local opposition and are continuing to add fixtures. Some games have been delayed due to waiting for the release of availability for MC2. This is because MC2 is being refurbished over the next couple of weeks. We have provisionally asked for a couple of dates for practice matches at the end of April, but this is dependent on completion of the refurbishment.
    Last season we entered the Doug George Trophy and are keen to participate again this season as we reached the final last year. We are awaiting details from SG Petch regarding the tournament. We also anticipate entering the Colliery Cricket tournament at Beamish, which starts around late July/August.
    Ian Boothroyd, 30th March 2016
  6. Treasurer’s report: Overall loss for 2015 was £123.74, primarily due to £254.83 spent on new equipment. There was the occasional free game. 2015 winter nets £222.95 loss due to bowling machine. 2016 whole hall hired at Chester-le-Street with £140 loss (reduced from 2015). Decreased attendance towards Easter so possibly should reduce number of lanes booked at Easter. The accounts had not yet been audited but would be handed to the auditor after the meeting.
    Accounts for 2015 season
    Stephen English, 30th March 2016
  7. Election of Officers:President: Brian Lander will be asked whether he would like to become President. It was also noted that the Vice Chancellor of the University is given an honorary presidential position, Peter Swift will contact the VC.
    • Chairman: Peter Collins – it was noted as his 10th year in the role.
    • Secretary : Ian Boothroyd retained. Eckart Wrede will act as shadow secretary in his absence.
    • Captain: Peter Swift to continue.
    • Vice-Captain – Paul Langley happy to continue but looks likely to miss quite a few matches, especially from June onwards due to fieldwork commitments. If anyone else wishes to step forward as a V-C, he is also happy to step aside. Steve English and Paul Langley to continue. Jonny Moore to be a new VC.
    • Treasurer: Steve English resigned – thanks of chairman given. Stephen Boothroyd to take over for summer. His name needed to be added to the account.
    • Kit Man: Eckart Wrede
    • Auditor: Nigel Metcalfe
    • Webmaster: Nigel Metcalfe – it was noted that as auditor and webmaster he will update the accounts on the website.
  8. Fixtures: Noted that for the Student League the best players available would be picked. It was noted that Durham School was an historic fixture and Peter Swift and Adrian Hopkins will enquire about setting up some matches. Adrian Hopkins will also enquire about a fixture against Cathedral School. Match fees of £4 for MC1, £2 for MC2 and away games would be free (unless there was a Sunday tea). These fees were accepted for the season. It was noted that if we are moved from MC1 to MC2, there should be no £60 fee. Match fees should mostly cover expenses bar new balls.
  9. Kit: Peter will donate pads. New RH gloves will be bought, 2 new boxes, thigh pads and wicket keeping inners. 12 £14 balls, 6 £16 balls. It was noted we have 3 bats, which may need re-gripping. It was noted that a new helmet is required as the screws fell out of one of the current helmets. Sports Direct may have a suitable helmet. Jonny Moore noted it would be useful to get a helmet with an adjustable head size. The possibility of a portable scorer was noted – Peter Swift will email Quentin to see if we need to buy one. It was noted the MC1 score board was not in a good way and it was unknown if it had been fixed.

  10. AOB: Club Dinner – will take place Friday 9th September in the Pennington Room. Price will be ~£29 for food from Event Durham, so the charge will be set at £30 to include drinks.
    It was noted that there was no requirement for players to get club kit from the website.
    Players – noted that Shan and Vishal have left; the Boothroyds will at end of season, Dan Viete (mid-season) and Chris Wastell will leave, Tony Joe is back, Matt Deacon, James Walton and Mark Swinnibank are still here. New player Tony Harris – fast bowler from Barbados.
    Dialogue for new MC nets.

Ian Boothroyd – 30/03/2016