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AGM 2014

Minutes of the 2014 AGM

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The 65th AGM of the Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club was held at 7pm on Thursday March 17th 2014 in the Pennington Room in Grey College

Present: Peter Collins (in the Chair); Peter Swift (Club Captain); Stephen English (Treasurer); Nigel Metcalfe; James Wallace; Eckart Wrede; Prashant Pyati, Alan Clarke (from item 9)
Apologies for absence: Roger Smith, Shan Sathar, Ian Boothroyd, Stephen Boothroyd, Mike Costello, Liam Herringshaw, John White, Paul Langley

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 2013 meeting were accepted.

  2. Matters Arising:
    Nigel Metcalfe reported on progress in archiving our old records at Palace Green Library. This is now completed and they are in the catalogue.
    The list of former players needs updating still [Action: Peter Swift]
    Nothing was done about joining the friendly league due to the difficulty of us fitting home fixtures in at Maiden Castle.
    A new bat had been purchased during the season and two donated by Ray Pallister. Peter Swift and Steven English report that some of the old, knackered kit had been culled from the collection.

  3. Chairman’s Report:
    As chair I have little to report, as not involved with the direct running of the club. It seems as those 2013 was one of the club’s most successful seasons in recent years with 12 out of 5 games played and 8 of those being won. The clear problem is encouraging people to help with the organisation of the club, and so the officers must be congratulated on keeping things going.
    Peter Collins 17th March 2014

  4. Captain’s Report:
    Last year 8 out of the 12 games we played were won and the standard of cricket was generally competitive. The two games against Grey SCR were both called off due to rain, so the Euan Squires trophy wasn’t contested. Notable performances include Peter Swift with 193 runs at an average of 193 and top score of 54*; Muhammed, Shan and Eckart also made over 100 runs. In the bowling, Muhammed was the leading wicket taker with 15, with Shan and Nigel getting 13 and 11 respectively. As usual, Nigel was the most economic bowler. Nigel and Muhammed shared the best figures of 4-8.
    The nets have been very well attended this year with a good number of quality players turning up regularly, which bodes well for the season.
    Thanks are due to the following: Alan Clarke for his work as secretary in the early season, Stephen English as Vice-Captain, who helped fill voids in the team with Tantobie players too; and Steve Luard for looking after the kit.
    I have been acting as secretary over the off-season and have got us 3 net sessions at Maiden Castle and 16 home wickets which I am currently populating.
    Peter Swift, 17th March 2014
  5. Secretary’s report:
    Alan Clarke stood down partway through the season and it was agreed he should be thanked for his hard work in the role.
  6. Treasurer’s report:
    The handover between the Treasurers was problematic with a lengthy period when the accounts couldn’t be accessed whilst trying to track down previous signatories. We now have Stephen English, Nigel Metcalfe and Mark Swinbank as signatories.
    Overall we made £150 during the 2013 season and our assets are standing at around £1400.
    We have effectively been fined £225 by Maiden Castle for not having enough players with University Sportscards, so it was agreed to push this during the season. Peter Swift reported we currently only had four people signed-up for sportscards, and it has been agreed with Maiden Castle that we will have more than a full team of names signed-up by the first net session taking place there, but many people have agreed to do this at the Chester-le-Street nets. (Note Maiden Castle are happy for non-staff to sign-up for a card at £42 for the year).
    We have been keeping track of expenditure at the nets and have made £90 this season.
    Discussion took place surrounding match fees and it was agreed that there should be a differential between those with and without Sportscards to encour0age people to purchase them. The amounts agreed to were £2 with a Sportscard and £5 without, which would again be collected on match days, with amounts being recorded.
    It has proved difficult to audit the accounts due to unknown cash flow during the takeover.
    The annual dinner lost a little money on the drinks.
    Accounts for 2013 season
    Stephen English, 17th March 2014
  7. Election of Officers:
    • President: Ray Pallister was re-elected.
    • Chairman: Peter Collins was re-elected
    • Secretary: No-one stood for this position, so Peter Swift agreed to carry on sorting the fixtures out in the hope a willing volunteer could be found during the season;
    • Captain: Peter Swift was re-elected to this role;
    • Vice-Captains: Stephen English was re-elected; Alan Clarke offered to act as the second Vice Captain in the absence of Peter & Stephen;
    • Treasurer: Stephen English was re-elected to this role
    • Kit Man: Mike Costello was elected to this role, having been looking during the nets. Eckart Wrede agreed to help-out as and when required.
    • Auditor: Nigel Metcalfe was elected
    • Webmaster: Nigel Metcalfe was elected
  8. Fixtures:
    At the time of the meeting 16 wickets have been secured, and we have been offered games by the usual oppositions. Peter Swift will circulate a list very soon. The first couple of games will be kept as outdoor practice games.
  9. Kit:
    New balls will be required during the season [Action: Peter Swift].
    Discussion took place surrounding obtaining club kit with Alan Clarke reporting about an online company [Action: Alan Clarke].
  10. Website:
    Rupert has left the University, so the forward-facing aspects of the website haven’t been changed.
  11. AOB:
    Peter Swift indicated he was happy to organise the end of season dinner again, at Grey in late September, but advertise it to former players earlier [Action: Peter Swift].

Peter Swift – 17/03/2014