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AGM 2009

Minutes of 2009 AGM

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The Meeting was held at 7.30pm on Wednesday April 15th 2009 in Maiden Castle meeting room.

Present: N. Clark, A. Clarke. T. Cleaver, P. Collins (chair), A. Finlay, M. Harrison, N. Metcalfe, P. Nathan, M. Swinbank, J. White, I. Whitfield
Apologies: P. Barraclough, M. Deakin, R. Pallister, I. Stone, P. Swift, E. Wrede.

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 2008 meeting were accepted.
  2. Matters Arising: There was still no first aid kit. The matter of insurance was still unresolved.
  3. Chairman’s Report: Thanks, as ever, were due to the club officers for keeping the club in running order – captain (Ian Whitfield) and vice-captains (Chris Liddy and Alan Clarke), secretary (Nigel Metcalfe), treasurer (Mark Swinbank) and kit man (Eckart Wrede). Once again the annual dinner had been a resounding success. Unfortunately the season had been plagued by poor weather and we had lost the Euan Squires trophy this year. The acheivements of former Staff player Caroline Atkins in being part of the England Women’s Ashes winning team was noted!
  4. Captain’s Report: Thirteen games had been player of which only three had been won. Nine games had been cancelled. The club had often turned out with less than 11 players. Ian Whitfield, 15th April 2009
    (a full written report was not received – sec.)
  5. Treasurer’s Report: The 2007 accounts had finally been audited. It was decided to raise the subs to £2.50 per game. The treasurer would endeavour to collect the subs shortly after the last game of the season, in order to catch those who may be leaving Durham!
    The accounts can be found here.
  6. Secretary’s Report:
    The club had had to pull out of the Indoor Super6s Championship in February after the first round due a lack of players. It was decided not to enter again in 2010. Another attempt would be made to play High Stables this year, after both games were rained off in 2009, and a Sunday fixture has been arranged in May. Staff would join the student league again this year – no details were yet available. The nets at Riverside had been such a success that there were calls for the Easter nets to be arranged there as well. However, this would disadvantage those without transport, so for this year nets would continue at Maiden Castle.
    The secretary suggested that after 13 years in the job it might be nice if a replacement could be found!
  7. Kit: The usual purchases were authorised. The first aid kit had not yet been purchased. The matter of replacing the kit bag with a larger one or buying a second bag was discussed, and it was decided to leave any decision to the Kit Man.
  8. Election of Officers:
    • Ray Pallister was re-elected as club President.
    • The post of vice-president would continue to be suspended.
    • Peter Collins was re-elected as Chairman (and Archivist).
    • Nigel Metcalfe was re-elected as Secretary
    • Alan Clarke was elected as Captain.
    • Alex Finlay was elected as a Vice-Captain.
    • Phil Nathan was elected as a Vice-Captain.
    • Mark Swinbank was re-elected as Treasurer.
    • Eckart Wrede was re-elected at Kit Man.
    • John White was re-elected as auditor.
  9. Dinner A date for the annual dinner was discussed. As usual, Tony Cleaver would do his best to chose an appropriate date and venue.

Nigel Metcalfe – 20/04/09