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AGM 2006

Minutes of 2006 AGM

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The Meeting was held at 7.45pm on Monday March 20th 2006 in Maiden Castle bar.

Present: Pete Barraclough, Nick Clark, Alan Clarke, Peter Collins, Mark Harrison, Tom Hase, Christian Liddy, Nigel Metcalfe, Jon Pearson, Dan Smith, Mark Swinbank, John White, Ian Whitfield, Eckart Wrede
Apologies: Phil Hands, Ewan Anderson, Paul Low.

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 2005 meeting were accepted.
  2. Matters Arising: None
  3. Chairman’s Report: Overall it had been a pretty good season, with a large number of games. Thanks were due to the captain (Tom Hase), secretary (Nigel Metcalfe), treasurer (Mark Swinbank) and kit man (Eckart Wrede) for keeping the season running in an orderly fashion. Thanks were also due to Tony Cleaver for his organisation of the club’s annual dinner in September, which once again had been a great success.
    Peter Collins
  4. Captain’s Report: This, you will be pleased to here, is my last captain’s report. Before going into any details of the 2005 season it would be impossible to do my job without the support of all the other club officers. Nigel as secretary has once again done a marvellous job of arranging fixtures and Ian for having to do more on-field captaining that he would otherwise have enjoyed. Eckart for keeping the kit in an exemplary fashion once again. Of course the regular playing members also have a huge part to play in the efficient running of any club, and the staff team is no exception. Thanks to everyone for prompt replies to emails and turning up to play in good humour.Onto the season then … I seemed to spend most of the season on email, and felt that I didn’t play in many of the games, so thanks to all who helped out. This season we played against some new opposition, namely Newton Hall and the Rose Tree. We had a total of 18 games scheduled, we lost 3 to a combination of rain and hail, 2 to a lack of opposition and for the first time in a few years we could not raise a team. Unfortunately this was the annual charity match against the Mayor of Stockton’s XI. This fixture was scheduled for a weekend in the peak of the holiday season and we just did not have enough players available. Hopefully this fixture will not be lost this year.Of the games we played, we won 5 and lost 8. Some of the victories were very tense affairs, the win over Grey SCR from the Euan Squires trophy and the Rose Tree going to the last few balls. We were unable to schedule a home game against the Mallards and the away game was scheduled in Newcastle the day of the Tall Ships regatta. Although 11 set out, only 8 made it, and an 8 aside game was hastily arranged.The club held its annual dinner in Grey and from all reports it was a successful event. Unfortunately it was scheduled whilst I was away, so I can’t give any first hand information but again we were a little light on current playing members. It is a good fun evening and I recommend it to all.All in all, a fair but not brilliant season. A usual we played with a good spirit and encouraged everyone to play a part. I hope this ethos continues. We are still short of a few playing members and I encourage everyone to go on a recruiting mission over the next few weeks.Thanks to all, and the best of good fortune for the future.
    Tom Hase
  5. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer gave a verbal report to the effect that the club was still in a healthy financial position. The accounts can be found here.It was agreed that match fees should remain at £2 per game. The accounts for the past two years had not yet been audited. It was noted that we should arrange for the Euan Squires Trophy to be engraved to commemorate our victory!
  6. Secretary’s Report: This year, thanks in the main to Alan Clarke, the club had been able to share winter nets with Newton Hall Cricket Club at the indoor facilities at the Riverside, Chester-le-Street. These had taken place on Saturdays and had proved very successful. Hopefully a similar arrangement could be brokered next season. Meanwhile the usual indoor nets had been arranged over the Easter vacation for Mondays, 6-7:30pm, at Maiden Castle. There had been a problem (as ever) with the organisation of the pitch allocations, which had resulted in a meeting between the secretary, Peter Warburton (as Director of Sport) and Quentin Parker (representing college cricket). The outcome of the meeting had been satisfactory, and a principle had been agreed that in future Staff fixtures would be fitted in before the college games, and that Staff had a right to expect of order one game a week during term. Meanwhile, various empty slots remaining in this year’s list had been identified, which, in fact, gave Staff roughly at least one game a week during term, and Mr Parker had agreed to find us college opposition for the dates outside exam time. However, there were one or two slots for which college opposition were unlikely to be found, so suggestions for opponents were welcome.
    Nigel Metcalfe
  7. Election of Officers:
    • The Vice-Chancellor was re-elected as club President.
    • The post Vice-President was left unfilled, but it was agreed that Ray Pallister would be approached by the Chairman to see if he would take up this role.
    • Peter Collins was re-elected as Chairman.
    • Nigel Metcalfe was re-elected as Secretary
    • Phil Hands was elected as Club Captain (in his absence).
    • Ian Whitfield was re-elected as Vice-Captain.
    • Christian Liddy was elected as Vice-Captain.
    • Mark Swinbank was re-elected as Treasurer.
    • Eckart Wrede was re-elected at Kit Man.
    • John White was elected auditor.There was much discussion on the issue of new captain, given the reluctance of anyone to accept the job. In the end it was decided to elect two Vice-Captains for this season, and it was agreed that whilst Phil Hands would organise the team selection, the captaincy on the field would be shared around the Captain and Vice-Captains.
  8. Kit The kit inventory can be found here. It was agreed to purchase 2 bats, 2 pads, 2 pairs of gloves (1RH, 1LH), 12 new balls, a new umpire clicker to replace the missing one, and a new scorebook. The usual discussion of club caps and shirts took place. Pete Barraclough offered to strike a ‘good deal’ with his contacts. Nothing particular was decided. It was discovered that a recent scorebook had gone missing.

Nigel Metcalfe – 22/03/07