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AGM 2000

Minutes of 2000 AGM

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The Meeting was held at 7pm on Monday March 27th 2000 in Maiden Castle bar.

Present: T. Cleaver, P.D.B. Collins, N. Metcalfe, J. White, Tom Hase, Paul Low, Norman Turner, Simon Turner
Apologies: B. Lander, T. Fuller, C. Thompson

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the 1999 meeting were accepted.
  2. Matters Arising: It was noted that the accounts from last season had not been audited. B. Lander had been thanked by e-mail for his stint as club chairman, but no letter had been sent. The Vice-Chancellor had agreed to be club President. The club’s 50th anniversary dinner had not happened, so it was agreed that it should be arranged for the coming summer, preferably July, in one of the colleges.
  3. Chairman’s Report: Peter Collins gave the Chairman’s report.
  4. Captain’s Report: The 1999 season was my third term-of-office as club captain and the vital statistics are given below:

    There were 23 fixtures arranged
    8 were cancelled through rain and opposition teams cancelling or failing to turn up.
    15 games were played: the Staff side won only 2, lost 8 and enjoyed 1 winning draw.
    Our performances in these matches, overall, was a reflection of the difficulty we again had in raising a full team and this is fairly shown in the fewer number of matches we won this season when compared with last season. However, in at least three of the games we lost (against St Cuthbert’s, St Chad’s and Graduate Society) it’s fair to say that we gave the opposition a good run for their money and we were a little unlucky to loose. The Mayor’s match was again very enjoyable and, this year, tight game right to the last ball. I have claimed a winning draw to add spice to this coming season’s Mayor’s Charity match.I am very grateful to all the the players who played and gave their best last season in batting, bowling, fielding and in the bar afterwards. Special mention should be given to the long-term stalwart and doyen of the club, Peter Collins (now officially retired but clearly more active than some of our un-named junior members); our own specialist test-match batsman and club treasurer, John White, and the club fixtures secretary and the Staff’s version of Lance Klusener, Nigel Metcalfe.I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Durham Colleges Staff Cricket Club captain. I hope the Y2K (?) season will be a successful and enjoyable summer for the Club and as outgoing captain I would like to wish the new club captain the very best of luck. R.F. Halliwell, Captain, 1999
  5. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s financial report can be found here, together with the equipment list.It was agreed that the Captain and Treasurer would go through the kit and decide what new purchases were necessary. They would also ensure all kit was cleared marked with the initials DCSCC.
  6. Secretary’s Report: There had be a major problem with the fixtures this year in that the college fixture list had been designed by the undergraduates themselves, who had omitted to allow for any fixtures with Staff. This despite the secretary informing the college cricket captain of our desire to keep much the same dates for the fixtures as last year! There was therefore no fixture list available for the forthcoming season, and there was no sign of it appearing in the near future.The Mayor’s XI match was due to be at Maiden Castle this year – a provisional date of Wed June 12th had been agreed. It was hoped to arrange new fixtures this year with Sunderland and Newcastle Universities.
  7. Election of Officers:
    • Tony Cleaver was elected as Club Captain unopposed.
    • Paul Low and Tom Hase were elected as joint Vice-Captain’s
    • Chris Thompson was elected as Club Treasurer unopposed (in his absence, but with his agreement). The outgoing Treasurer John White agreed to liaise with the new Treasurer in order to ensure a smooth hand-over of power.
    • The positions of Chairman (Peter Collins) and Secretary (Nigel Metcalfe) remained unchanged.

Nigel Metcalfe – 16/11/00