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AGM 2013

Durham University Staff Cricket Club

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Annual General Meeting, 2013

Wednesday 17th April, 7.00pm – Pennington Room, Grey College

1. Present

Peter Collins (in the Chair); Peter Swift (Club Captain); Alan Clarke (Secretary); Nigel Metcalfe; James Wallace; Rupert Prudom; Eckart Wrede; Stephen English; Steve Luard; M. Arashad; Paul Langley

2. Apologies for Absence

Phil Lyndsey; Matthew Dolan; Matt Deakin; Mike Costello; Ian Boothroyd; Alex Finlay; Ian Whitfield; Liam Herringshaw; Mark Swinbank

Alan Clarke reported that Ben Hedley had left the club.

3. Minutes of 2012 meeting

The minutes of the 2012 meeting were accepted.

4. Matters Arising

The accounts have still not been audited. This needs to be sorted as soon as possible, by getting some sort of accounts out of Mark.

Nigel Metcalfe reported on progress in archiving our old records at Palace Green Library. He is currently negotiating to take the books there and requested any completed scorebooks be sent to him. [Action: Steve Luard to check kit for books and Nigel Metcalfe].

Use of Maiden Castle 1 after the end of Term. Alan Clarke reported that it is still the University’s intention to shut MC1 from July 1st each year. However, we are in luck this year because a festival is happening in July for which it will be kept open allowing us to use it.

5. Chairman’s Report

In 46/47 year’s involvement with this club, I have never known a season for weather like last year. Despite the lack of fixtures, we had about even results in the matches we played. It was a disappointment not to regain the Euan Squire’s Trophy (played between Grey SCR and the staff annually in memory of Prof. Squires who played for both teams, and sadly died at the crease in a match between the two sides) and I encourage us to get the best possible team out for that match this year, particularly since Grey SCR only have a couple of players who are SCR members. The annual dinner was once again a success, and it is always good to catch-up with some of the older (retired) members. However, it would be good to check we have an updated list of former players [Action: Peter Swift]. Finally, it remains for me to thank the officers for keeping the club going

Peter Collins, 17th April 2013

6. Captain’s Report

Due to the weather, which caused 8 matches to be abandoned/called off due to rain, we only played 7 matches in 2012, winning 3 and losing 4. Most of the matches we lost were only by a few runs, apart from the Euan Squires’ Trophy. Thus, a much improved performance on the last couple of years. It is good to be involved in close matches when both teams feel like they have had a good game with all players being involved.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one of the scorecards so haven’t got final averages, so here are the highlights of the year:

Batting: I top scored with 51* (retired) against King James; Phil Lyndsey was consistent in scoring runs, every time he went to the crease, often having to retire at 25/30.

Bowling: Nigel had the best performance with 3-10.

It was good to see players coming on, which has continued in the nets – e.g. Steve Luard’s bowling and Alan’s wicket-keeping.

Thanks are due to: Al for organising the fixtures and keeping things going; Alex and Rupert in their roles as vice-captain; Steve for looking after the kit; it has been great to have Stephen English on board as a team man, and for bringing extra players from Tantobie when we have been short and providing me the opportunity to play league cricket again.

Nets, whilst not being overly well attended have shown that things are looking up for this season with various new recruits who look promising. We should thus be able to field teams where it looks like every at least looks like they know what they are doing.

Peter Swift, 17th April 2013

7. Secretary’s Report

I would like to reiterate the sentiments of Peter and Peter as Chair and Captain. One of the reasons we had fewer fixtures last year is due to us sorting out additional mathces throughout the season, and various teams gave up with the weather. I am pleased to report that we have access 10 grass wickets at MC this year going into July. In particular, the Euan Squires Trophy is on 27th June. There is currently nothing to report on the student league front. With regards to the friendly league in which we participated last year, it is quite difficult for us to join because fixtures are sorted in January and we find it difficult to get wickets from MC before March.

In terms of fixtures, some of regular opposition has folded, and we may have difficulty playing at Chester-le-Street due to a ruined outfield! However, I have recently attended a meeting, organised by the County Cricket Board on the development of Social Cricket in the area (see AOB).

At this point, discussion followed as to members’ feelings about being in a league, either friendly or vs the students. We resolved that friendly competition is good, providing that we play within the spirit of the club such that everyone gets a game on a regular. It was

thought that the college fixtures could sometimes be a struggle, but as the team has been strengthened recently this could be something to look into. (Captains note: I certainly intend that everyone will get a game from week to week as most people bat and bowl. If someone doesn’t do much in one match for whatever reason, I will make sure they do the next).

The Riverdale Festival will be the weekend of 26th and 27th of May, organised by Knights.

A quick show of hands showed that there wasn’t enough interest to take a team this year. However, we should look at doing this next year and advertise it earlier at nets, with people paying a non-refundable deposit if they wish to attend.

Nigel asked about Sunday fixtures – we certainly aim to have a couple later in the season.

Alan Clarke, 17th April 2013

8. Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer was unfortunately absent from the meeting, but had sent a report via Nigel Metcalfe. On the whole we are in good financial health and over the last 7 years our balance has remained constant at around £1400. We currently have £1311 in the account. The annual dinner made a small loss.

We have collected pretty much all the subs by doing it at matches. However, this income is lower this year due to fewer matches being played and having quite a few people falling into the non-paying category as they were either helping out or new. Unfortunately, we are still owed subs from 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons. Most debtors have now left the club.

We have received a generous donation from our President, Ray Pallister.

It was asked that our gratitude to him to be recorded in the minutes.

Accounts for 2012 season.

Mark Swinbank, 17th April 2013

Approximately £100 is owed to Steve Luard and Al for nets as we had two lanes booked and attendance was lower than in previous years. This needs refunding to them. [Action:


So that we can use MC facilities free of charge, all members need a Sports’ Card. [Action:

Alan Clarke to send a list of players to MC]. It was agreed that if the Secretary was not a member of staff, the club should pay his/her Sports subscription.

Discussion followed on paying for nets and matches. It was decided that nets should cost £5 per person per week at Chester-le-Street, and then free at Maiden Castle. We will book two lanes at Chester-le-Street, dropping to one if interest is low. Match fees, of £3 to be collected by the captain each match. New players get their first match free. A better way to bank them needs to be determined, rather than passing them all to the Treasurer at the end of the year [Action: Peter Swift and Stephen English]

Following the election of Stephen English as Treasurer and Nigel Metcalfe as auditor,

(Item 9) it is requested that the accounts are transferred and audited asap.

9. Election of Officers

President: Ray Pallister was re-elected.

Discussion followed as to whether the VC was interested in cricket, and if so would he like to take on an honorary role in the club. Next time someone with his ear sees him, he should be approached [Action: Peter Swift].

Chairman: Peter Collins was re-elected

(Nigel Metcalfe commented we needed someone else to retire before a change in this position!)

Secretary: Alan Clarke was re- elected to this role.

Captain: Peter Swift was re-elected to this role;

Vice-Captains: Rupert Prudom was re-elected to this role; Stephen English had indicated he was willing to be the second when asked by the captain and was duly elected.

Treasurer: Stephen English was elected.

[Mark Swinbank to be thanked for this hard work over the past few years in this role]

Kit Man: Steve Luard was re-elected.

Auditor: Nigel Metcalfe was elected

Webmaster: Rupert Prudom was re-elected.


We have a good number of pitches available at Maiden Castle and Alan is currently filling them with opposition.

May 7th, Warm-up game (possible Alan Clarke XI) (MC1) 14th, Chester le street (MC1)

16th, King James (MC1)

21st, Mallards at home (MC1) 23rd Grey (MC2)

28th TBC (MC1)

June 13th Knights (MC1)

11th, King James (Bishop Auckland) WC 17th June No fixture

27th,Grey (Euan Squires) (MC1)

July 2nd, Farmers (MC1) TBC

4th, St Cuthberts (MC1)

9th, NASUWT (MC1)

11th, TBC (MC1)

17th, July Mallards away (Riding Mill)

August 6th, Knights (Belmont)


£287 has been spent on kit in the past year. We still have 10 new balls for the season left over from last. If more are required they can be purchased mid-season. It was requested that these then become next year’s net balls and we bin the current crop. Some of the bats are past their best, so two new ones should be purchased [Action: Steve Luard in consultation with Stephen English and Peter Swift]. Any old and knackered gear to be thrown out [Action: Steve Luard and Peter Swift].

Steve Luard, 17th April 2013


Rupert has undertaken many behind the scene upgrades over the last year, and will look at updating the forward-facing profile this summer. [Action: Rupert Prudom]

13.Any other Business

Alan Clarke reported on the County Cricket board meeting on Social Cricket. Various clubs were represented from across the North East (Grey, Knights. Wolsingham,…) Money is to be made available to encourage the social cricket scene, and provide help with e.g.) kit/scoreboards etc. In particular, the county wants to help those teams who want to play friendly cricket with no formal rules, as opposed to being in a competitive mid-week league. It will also serve as a pool of teams and contacts for opposition. One of the major things to come out of the meeting was better and more sustainable ground access for friendly teams to use. One option might be for various teams to take over a now defunct league ground from the council and pay for its up keep between them.

Nigel queried how insurance in this scenario might work and it wasn’t really mentioned at the meeting.

Peter Swift indicated he was happy to organise the end of season dinner again, at Grey in late September [Action: Peter Swift].

Stephen English raised the point that Al Clarke is doing a sponsored trek up Kilimanjaro in May for St. Oswald’s Hospice and we should all sponsor him. Nigel asked for a link to be provided [Action: All playing members, and Al to highlight the link in an email to the mailing list].

Peter Swift suggested we change the constitution to allow former students of the University to be eligible to play for the team as we have recently gained a few alumni. This was agreed upon.